David Marsh M.Ed

David Marsh is a Sport Psychology Consultany with a strength and conditioning , mental health counseling, coaching, and youth development background. He is also a Mental Health Counselor that devotes his time to working with athletes and coaches of all skill levels as well as youth sport organizations. David believes in the holistic development of athletes as people 1st which is why you will find principles of TPSR (Teaching Personal & Social Responsibility) at the core of Spiked Consulting. David grew up in Mattapan, the "inner city" which has given him a resilience that he hopes to instill in every person SPC serves.

(TPSR is a model created by Don Hellison.)

The Mission

Spiked Performance Consulting looks to educate and empower members of various communities by providing valuable performance and socioemotional learning opportunities. We believe in supporting the physical and psychological health of those we serve. SPC believes in taking a culturally relevant and appropriate approach to the positive and ongoing development of all,especially youth. SPC uses sport,sport and performance psychology, and teaching personal and social responsibility principles to convey messages and teach skills that will help promote autonomy to foster and sustain growth for all we serve. SPC also places a high level of importance  on community service and community involvement.