Peak Performance Coaching

We provide mental skill conditioning grounded in sport and performance psychology coupled with socio-emotional coaching to individual athletes, coaches,  businesses, or any other place where similar principles apply. We deliver these services in individual or group settings, i.e. workshops for the team or coaches.

Youth/Character Development

We develop programming to help youth develop their identities in a positive way by: inspire youth to become more aware of how they can: 

  • Supporting themselves first, and then other members of their communities through building personal and social responsibility skills.
  •  Learning the individual needs  of the people we support to create individualized approaches.
  • Providing an ongoing assessment for support 

Life -Stage Development

We server those that  want to enhance their performance from various age groups and abilities. You do not have to be an "eliete" performer to benefit to from using mental skills. We will help you apply these skills to your personal, professional, and competitive life. Let us show you how!

"As a former professional runner and coach at various levels I totally understand the value of being mentally prepared. One of the things that I always stressed to my athletes was the ability to think and act like a champion athlete. Without this important attribute an athlete will never reach their full potential. I knew how much my career benefited from having this mindset. When I got a chance at Emmanuel College to have professionals to work with my athletes I fully took advantage of it. I had the pleasure of working with David Marsh for over two years. He was very instrumental in helping my athletes overcome some of their mental deficiencies that was preventing them from reaching the next level. I would strongly recommend taking advantage of his skills".   

--Tony DaRocha

NCAA Track & Field Coach/ Former professional Runner​

 " Very down to earth and easy to communicate with.  Easily understood my complications and was able to give me ​ways to help fix them.  Fun guy to just talk with and shows that he cares about you".

--Max Deresh

Transitioning Elite Tennis Player  ​

"What Spiked Performance offered my athletes was far more than what I was expecting. David did a great job explaining the importance of self confidence and self-talk, coachability, and how it relates to becoming a better teammates".

--Blake Simpson

Head High School Football & Lacrosse Coach​​